Peer Supporter Training

We take pride in the quality of our trained team of Peer Supporters.

Peer Supporter Training

All of the Peer Supporters on the PeerStrong™ App are specially trained to support and encourage their Peers and follow the established guidelines for their role as a Supporter.

All HIV Peer Supporters have been living with HIV for 5+ years and are trained by patient organizations and InquisitHealth to provide support on the PeerStrong app.

Peer Supporter Training Overview

Learn about the basic app features including account set up, matching and chatting with a Peer Supporter, and join the discussion in the Posts Community.

  • Provide Support and Encouragement

    • Meeting Peers where they are
    • Encourage healthy patient provider relationships
    • Support Peer’s personal goals that support wellness
    • Encourage and support Peers to learn more about HIV and HIV treatment from reliable resources online and from their medical providers
  • Maintain Appropriate Boundaries

    • Understand the liability and confidentiality guidelines for the app
    • Learn how to set boundaries and align expectations with Peers
    • Learn how to build and maintain rapport with Peers
  • Utilize the PeerStrong™ Chat Best Practices

    • Understand the strengths and limitations of being a PeerStrong™ Peer Supporter
    • Learn guidelines for sharing personal stories about disclosure and understand that disclosure is a unique and personal choice made by each person living with HIV and that no two disclosures are the same
    • Learn the PeerStrong™ guidelines for responding to messages appropriately and in a timely fashion, including establishing expectations for communication with Peers
    • Understand what medical advice is and that it is never appropriate for Peer Supporters to give medical advice
    • Learn where to find reliable and empirical health information resources online as well as understand the importance of sharing sources when sharing information
  • PeerStrong Peer Supporter Training Program

    • HIV 101 – What is HIV and AIDS
    • PeerStrong Training Webinar covering Best Practices, Dos and Don’ts, and Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries
    • Chat-Based Assessment with a Mock Peer to become familiar with chat-based support and the PeerStrong app

If you are interested in being trained as a Peer Supporter, please e-mail

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