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“...those living with [HIV] hardly ever talk about it, even with those closest to them.” - Kaiser Family Foundation

“HIV infection affects all dimensions of a person’s life: physical, psychological, social and spiritual. Counselling and social support can help people and their carers cope more effectively with each stage of the infection and enhances quality of life.” - World Health Organization

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HIV Peer Supporters

Connect with our network of trained and certified Peer Supporters.

  • Peer Supporters live with HIV, too.
  • They empathize. They care.
  • And they are trained to support you.

“I don’t try to be the expert. I help others come up with their own ideas about how they can help themselves. ” - Claire T., Peer Supporter since 2013

“We all need to know that someone cares about us. I like to guide people to improve their ability to take care of themselves.” - Clifford S., Peer Supporter since 2015

1-on-1 Chat

Match and chat with a Peer Supporter for personalized support.

  • Find someone with a similar background.
  • Or find someone with a totally different perspective. Your choice.
  • Then chat privately 1-on-1, with one (or more!) Peer Supporters.
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Engage with the entire community of Peer Supporters.

  • Share how you feel. Post a question.
  • Tap into the entire network of Peer Supporters for support.
  • Get feedback, answers and ideas.
  • Be a part of the conversation. And see what others are talking about.

Programs (Coming Soon!)

Explore and participate in what’s going on around you.

  • Local and national partners host programs you can participate in.
  • Events. Education. Resources. Opportunities.
  • Check out your own personalized list today.
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